The Seams “Another Side Of The Seams”

We are very happy to announce THE SEAMS “Another Side Of The Seams” exclusive vinyl album. Out Now. Released on digital via Hand Drawn Dracula.

“The last little while has left me with a bitter taste/ I’m taking all the lemons to make you some lemonade.” So goes the chorus of “Lemonade,” the first track on Another Side of the Seams, the lovely first full-length from Toronto indie supergroup The Seams. A song about relying on friendship to offset creeping melancholy (“to keep myself above the ground”), it’s a perfect summary of the emotional thumbprint left by this gently bruised but deeply compassionate record. Musically the band has unspooled the tighter, brighter jangle pop of their debut tape into a more impressionistic take on the genre, their expansive melodic passages coupled with lyrics that brush up against the poetic in their structure (“Struggling a bit/ Only recently it seems/ I remember then/ but sparingly.”)  At only 25-minutes long, Another Side of the Seams is an economical listen but a heavy one, taking on topics such as the aftermath of addiction and the tart pangs of sadness that can follow in its wake. Yet the overall impression is not one of darkness. On the contrary, Another Side of the Seams feels as soft as a hug and as sweet as smile. This is a gentle record made by and for kind hearts, the ones who understand that a seam isn’t just a line where two things come together, but sometimes the physical reminder of something once torn and now mended, and perhaps—hopefully—all the stronger for it. BANDCAMP WEEKLY ESSENTIAL RELEASE

“It’s got all the touches that make musical waves nowadays, from a slight hint of the jangles, dreamy touch on the vocals and the faintest hint of paisley to top it off” AUSTIN TOWN HALL 

“The Seams’ jangly pop is full of lovely melodic twists and elegant turns-of-phrases delineating the quotidian details of love and romance” BANDCAMP

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Listen to the song “On The Shelf”