Capitol “Blondie”

Capitol release new track “Blondie” from their debut album Dream Noise due out in October 2019, via Meritorio Records (EU) and Kingfisher Bluez (US/CANADA).

Formerly UK Cinema, upcoming album “Dream Noise” was recorded in the summer of 2018 at Candle Recording in Toronto, produced by Josh Korody (“The Dirty Nil”, “Tallies”, “Weaves”) and mastered by Sarah Register in NYC (“Future Islands”, “Depeche Mode”, “Lower Dens”). Capitol are influenced by an array of an genres from 70s punk to modern indie rock, and “Dream Noise” captures the decades in 11 eclectic tracks. The lead single “Blondie” helps announce the record in a distorted, dreamy anthem, with an emotional lyric-driven chorus and verses reminiscent of 80’s New Wave.

Check it out the video premiere via The Spill Magazine HERE!