Sprinters “Struck Gold” due out November 15th.

Meritorio Records are pleased to announce the signing of Manchester group Sprinters. The Indie-rock band hailing from Wigan, Greater Manchester will release their sophomore album ‘Struck Gold’ on Meritorio Records on 15th of November. The indie rock quartet has become a staple band in the Manchester DIY scene and released their self titled debut album in summer 2017 on Manchester DIY label Icecapades. The LP received critical acclaim from the likes of The Skinny, Gold Flake Paint and Piccadilly Records and gained album of the year by Manchester blog MIMR and cemented the band as a staple group in the Manchester music scene.

On ‘Struck Gold’ the band explore different territory and offer a much more ambitious affair. Sonically the songs are more powerful, sound more focussed and the songwriting more streamlined.  The indie pop side to the band is dramatically dulled down and instead the band offer up some of their raunchiest songs to date, dialling up the noise and combing it with raucous indie rock. First single ‘Ending’ debuts the bands exhilarating new sound. The 4 and half minute edgy drone rocker is carried by a shimmering chorus and effective lead line and climaxes with a noise outro and then steady fade. Jarvis said: ‘Ending’ was one of the first songs I wrote for the album way back when we were recording the first LP. It didn’t quite fit with those songs but I felt it had something special. The song is about taking ‘a trip.’

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