The Seams “Another Side Of The Seams”

12" Vinyl Album Limited Edition of 274 (MER 006) “The last little while has left me with a bitter taste/ I’m taking all the lemons to make you some lemonade.” So goes the chorus of “Lemonade,” the first track on Another Side of the Seams, the lovely first full-length from Toronto indie supergroup The Seams.… Sigue leyendo The Seams “Another Side Of The Seams”


Poppel “Hit It”

12" Vinyl Album Limited edition of 256 (MER 005) Poppel’s music oozes a love for shoegaze, jangle pop and lo-fi dream pop. The quartet got together early 2016 and didn’t stop working since. 'Couldn't Care Less', their debut cassette tape, was released independently and already is sought after by collectors. It was quickly followed by… Sigue leyendo Poppel “Hit It”


Holy Tunics “Butter Dish”

12" Vinyl Album Limited Edition of 275 (MER 004) Holy Tunics is a band started in Brooklyn, New York, 2014, currently featuring drummer Brian Alvarez, bassist/vocalist Matt Billington, guitarist Bryan Thornton, and lead vocalist/guitarist Nick Rogers.  Their debut EP Hot to Trot was released Dec. 2016 (GP Stripes). The Big Takeover wrote: “Although several tunes… Sigue leyendo Holy Tunics “Butter Dish”