Cool Sounds

Cool Sounds are a guitar pop band from Melbourne. Led by Dainis Lacey, the band have released 2 full length LP’s, Dance Moves and Cactus Country, along with three EP’s. Their third LP ‘More To Enjoy‘ was released September 20th via Hotel Motel, Osborne Again and Meritorio Records (EU/UK).


Cool SoundsMore To Enjoy (September, 2019)

12″ Vinyl Album Limited Edition of 200 (MER 013)

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Cool Sounds are Dainis Lacey, Nick Kearton, Ambrin Hasnain, Lauren Huynth, Steve Foulkes, and Jack Nichols. In addition, on this album Lachlan Denton played drums and provided backing vocals, Liam ‘Snowy” Halliwell played sax, and Matt Murphy worked the keys.  More To Enjoy is out now in digital, CD, and vinyl formats via Osborne Again Music, Hotel Motel Records, and Meritorio Records..