Go Get Mum

Go Get Mum have been honing their craft since 2016 and, from humble beginnings in a makeshift rehearsal studio (it was a shed), have refined their sound, songwriting, and live performance into something charming and disarming. 

Their songs revolve around the complexities of love, the power of friendship, connection with place and the pitfalls of partying. The band is fascinated with simple but powerful storytelling where beauty is found amidst the mundane.

They’re inspired by the songwriting and sounds of Dick Diver, Boomgates, The Lucksmiths, Scott and Charlene’s Wedding, and Darren Hanlon. 


Go Get MumOk Now What (March, 2020)

12″ Vinyl EP Limited Edition of 200 (MER 020)

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Go Get Mum are proud to announce their second EP OK What Now, a collection of songs encompassing the stuff that comes with big life changes and decisions: ending a relationship, being dumped, moving house, moving interstate—these songs are about what might lie on the other side of these life-altering happenings. It’s all about wondering what will life throw you next, and resigning yourself to the fact that for better or worse, something is headed your way. 

The EP hones in on the catchy jangle-rock of their debut EP Cripers! and extends it with the help of producer Anna Laverty who engineered, produced and mixed the six songs. It features Moving Day; an ode to the mixed emotions of moving, Freeman; a track that questions the need to live life to the max, and Adelaide which is about, well, the Australian city of Adelaide.