Monnone Alone

Although the name may suggest otherwise, Monnone Alone are a bona fide pop group based around the sagacious songwriting of Mark Monnone (ex-Lucksmiths) and featuring members of A-grade pop tinkerers Architecture in Helsinki, Mid-State Orange and Aleks & the Ramps. That’s almost as bona fide as it gets.

Misnomered as they may be, this hasn’t stopped Monnone Alone from reentering the studio to construct album number-two entitled Summer of the Mosquito – a record as bold and beatific, as vivacious and volupt, as wobbly and as warm as the storied history of this solo artist-cum-duo-cum-trio-cum-quad-piece…

Having toured the US and Europe with a rotating line-up on the back of first album 2013’s Together at Last (which was recorded in Brooklyn’s Marlborough Farms studio and featured performances by members of The Ladybug Transistor, The Clean, The Aislers Set, Crystal Stilts and Love is All), Mark Monnone eventually got to work back home solidifying the group’s line-up with some of his favourite local players: Joe Foley on bass, Louis Richter on guitar and Gus Franklin returning to the throne having played drums on (and co-produced) the first album.

This was to be a more sonically-driven line-up with Richter’s 12-string riding high in the mix and Monnone’s growing collection of fuzz pedals finding their place among the glorious racket. All the while, as ever, the pop song wins out and Monnone’s proclivity for a winsome turn-of-phrase and bruised-but-beautiful melody shines on through.

Having spent the last few years caressing their new vibe (one that owes as much to sweaty Aus Rock à la Hoodoo Gurus and Paul Kelly & the Coloured Girls as it does to Television Personalities and The Kinks), Monnone Alone have sought out the bright lights of the studio, along with the expertise of producer Gareth Parton (The Go! Team, Foals), and Summer of the Mosquito is now ready to set your ear a-buzz all night!


Monnone Alone“Summer Of The Mosquito” (May, 2019)

12″ Vinyl Album Limited Edition of 600 (MER 010)

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Monnone Alone “Do It Twice” (March, 2019)

Clear vinyl 7″ Single. Limited Edition of 30 (MER 009).

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