Smokescreens “Smokescreens” (May, 2017)

12″ Vinyl Album Limited Edition of 250 

Smokescreens are a New Zealand band that recorded in Leamington Spa in the United Kingdom. Or at least that’s what your ears tell you upon your first listen. 

In fact, Smokescreens are a Los Angeles based group founded by Chris Rosi following the demise of his previous band, Plateaus (HoZac/Art Fag). Rosi then recruited Corey Cunningham from Terry Malts to play bass and the pair set about writing songs that displayed their shared affinity for Flying Nun and UK DIY bands. 

The duo conscripted engineer Jon Greene (Crocodiles, Dum Dum Girls) to play drums and record their fresh batch of shambolic songs during the summer of 2016 in a tiny studio built inside of a 1950’s dairy factory. The group, wishing to adhere to the standards of their heroes, recorded on an 8-track tape machine and mixed the album in mono. 

“I Can’t Wait” starts off the recorded with a repetitive bombastic chorus that could easily be mistaken for a classic song by The Clean. By the final track, the Factory Records inflected “Staring At The Sun”, the LP has buzzed and jangled through 27 minutes of silver-sheened pop.


released May 26, 2017 

recorded by Jon Greene 
mixed in mono by Corey Cunningham