Manchester indie band Sprinters return with a brand new album. The self-titled debut released by Manchester’s Icecapades label (2017) was labour of love combing elements of surf, indie rock and dream pop, on ‘Struck Gold’ the band explore different territory and offer a much more ambitious affair. Sonically the songs are more powerful, sound more focussed and the songwriting more streamlined.  The indie pop side to the band is dramatically dulled down and instead the band offer up some of their raunchiest songs to date, dialling up the noise and combing it with raucous indie rock. 


SprintersStruck Gold (November, 2019)

12″ Vinyl LP Limited Edition of 275 (MER 016)

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Engineered and mixed by Sam Almond at Abbey Mill studios, Chorley April 2018 – April 2019. 
Mastered by Michael Whalley. 
Produced by Sprinters. 
All songs written by Neil Jarvis. 

Artwork by Jon Hodson. 
Photography by Jade Martin.