The Roves

The Roves “All Those Freaks” (April, 2019)

12″ Vinyl Album Limited Edition of 440 (MER 008)

Jangly guitar rock and roll springing from the suburbs of North London. Chief songwriter James Wing a long with his little brother Tom and a hard grafted rhythm section in Luke Evans and Brendan Monahan are releasing their second album “All Those Freaks” on Meritorio Records. 

Desk, tell jerry what his life is like; there’s sweet diggory deckland happening to the kid at all. 

If you listen to this long player the whole way through, you may notice other philosophical lyrics like these, peppered amongst the dee’s dum’s and do’s that are the bread and butter pud’ of so much of yer average pop dunce and trad’ farm song . Where the first album was simply an accumulation of our finest rockin’ nuggets up until the point of recording, the 2nd álbum grew out of a strange series of home demo’s, excavated from a dusty 8 track residing at the guitar players house. 

Eventually a handful of these found themselves on a 2 inch tape via way of a small basement in Friern Barnet: packed to the gills with valves and puzzled engineers. We were an odd bunch: granted, but something very strange happened in that back room. 

From the moment steve turned the faders up on the desk, and Rhys strummed out the first chords to ‘Speaking For Jerry’ it was clearthat the other Roves had come to rescue us. 

So listen, all knowing listener, with a smile It’s the sound of lonely retail parks and people that I knew. Tell me what my life is like, there’s nothing happening to me at all, All Those Freaks… 


releases April 12, 2019